Stardew Valley Run | How to Move Fast

If your farm in Stardew Valley is flourishing, it’s probably growing in size as well. While this is a good thing, walking from point A to point B can be laborious. And, as much as we hate to tell you, you’ve most likely been running the entire time and haven’t even realized it, since the game should have auto-run enabled in the controls upon launch. However, that’s not always the case. So, let’s first make sure you have auto-run enabled and know how to use it before getting into the other methods to run and move faster in the game.

Can You Run in Stardew Valley?

Can You Run in Stardew Valley

To enable auto-run in Stardew Valley, open your in-game Menu and cycle through the top tabs until you reach Options. Click on that, and under General, there should be a box with Auto Run next to it. Check it off if it is not already. Here’s how it works once it’s enabled.

If you’re on a controller, pushing the left joystick fully in a direction will make your character run. You can tell if you’re running as your character will kick up dust. By half-tilting the joystick in the direction, you’ll walk. If auto-run is enabled on your PC, hold left shift and your player will walk. If auto-run is off, your player will walk by default, and holding left shift will cause them to pick up pace, as indicated by whether or not they’re kicking up dust.

Majority of the time, the issue is that many gamers find the game’s base run speed to be rather slow. However, you can boost your character’s running speed with food. Coffee and Espresso are two food items that will increase your running speed for a short duration. Additionally, Spicy Eel, Super Meal, and Pepper Poppers will all grant you extra run speed for a longer duration. But the most effective is Crab Cakes, which gives you an all-day speed boost.

Aside from that, building a stable and getting a horse is your best option for moving faster. Furthermore, the foods that boost your player’s speed will also benefit your horse. Allowing you to travel extremely quickly by horseback.

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