Starfield Will Officially Launch This September

Bethesda has been hard at work on its latest RPG Starfield. Instead of building a world focused in a fantasy setting or taking a stroll through the wasteland, this time, the gaze is turned upward. The studio’s moonshot new IP has been the subject of buzz for years upon years. However, it’s needed extra time in the oven. Thankfully, the inevitable is drawing closer, as Starfield has earned an official release date.

Starfield Takes to the Skies on September 6

Starfield Release Date Revealed

Starfield will launch on September 6, 2023. The date was announced on Twitter via the official Starfield account. More details are planned to be revealed during the upcoming Starfield Direct set to take place on Sunday, June 11.

The game was originally slated to come out in November 2022. Then, it was delayed to the first half of 2023. However, this new trailer from Bethesda reveals that’s still not exactly the case. The game now is slated to release on September 6th, 2023.

As some information has been revealed about the game through its first few showcases, there’s plenty to expect. Bethesda has made it clear that Starfield is going to be a very big game. It teases almost innumerable planets to explore, customizable spaceships, and even character traits and customization. There’s all sorts of character customization, too. Examples include traits that let you visit your parents, but having 10% of all the money you earn sent to them, or have an “Adoring Fan” hunt you down and talk to you constantly. The latter is a clear in-joke for fans of The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

There are also other things as well, such as recruitable companions, a more enhanced persuasion minigame, and of course, the ability to build outposts ala Fallout 4.

While there’s plenty to do in the game, and plenty of information about the title already out, not all has been revealed yet. This means there’s still much more information to come. With the Starfield Direct coming out after the Xbox Games Showcase in June, who knows what else Bethesda has to reveal.