Terraria Bottled Water | How to Get

Terraria prides itself on giving you everything you need to upgrade your arsenal. When it comes to getting into combat, buffs are hugely important. You’ll get most through brewing potions; however, doing so consumes large amounts of Bottled Water. Though seemingly simple, the method you’ll use to get this resource may not be totally straightforward. Fortunately, we can help you out.

How to Get Bottled Water in Terraria

How to Get Bottled Water in Terraria

To make Bottled Water in Terraria, you need to craft a bottle while standing near a source of water. The source can be anything you like, from a sink to a bucket.

As for making the bottles for the water, all you need is a single piece of glass. Just one glass is enough to make two bottles. Since potions are consumed upon use, you’ll lose both the bottle and the potion that’s inside of them when you drink them. As such, you’ll want to keep a steady supply of glass on-hand for bottling.

Assuming you have the single required ingredient, the rest couldn’t be much more simple. All you need to do to make bottled water is to stand near water and open your crafting menu. Then you can make as much bottled water as you like.

If you have the necessary materials to craft potions, you can place a single bottle on a shelf, or find an alchemy table. Then if you stand next to that, you can open up your crafting menu and start making potions. For the sake of keeping your inventory clean, be sure to keep all your materials within a chest. You won’t have to open your chest to pull the materials from it. You can craft potions right out of it.

Making potions like Ironskin potions or Lucky potions will help you defeat bosses easier. And, they all require bottled water to make, so stock up!

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