Terraria Golden Hearts | How to Get

World progression is one of the most interesting aspects of Terraria. Every time you beat a boss, the world will alter itself, allowing you to pick up more items and materials. If you want to ensure further survival, getting golden hearts is a good way to do so. Here’s how to get this important health upgrade.

How to Get Golden Hearts in Terraria

How to Get Golden Hearts in Terraria

If you’re on the hunt for golden hearts, you’re going to have to head out to the Jungle biome. Once you make it to the jungle biome, you’ll want to head underground. As you explore the underground jungle, you need to keep your eyes out for Life Hearts. This special item can be found growing on jungle grass, appearing as a golden heart inside of a plant.

You don’t need a pickaxe or any kind of mining tool to collect these; any kind of weapon can uproot the Life Heart. However, you’re not going to be able to consume the life heart if you haven’t used enough life crystals to maximize your health the first time.

If you already have 400 total health before you hunt down the life hearts, then you’re all set.

Consuming one life heart will turn one heart on your health bar golden. The life heart will increase your maximum health by five, and give you one Golden Heart. However, with 20 hearts in your health bar, you’ll need 20 life hearts if you want to complete your Golden Heart collection.

Even in the event that you collect all of these golden hearts, your health will be at maximum 500 points. If you’re still dying too frequently, perhaps getting some buffs like Ironskin potions or better armor can help you survive on top of your golden hearts.

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