Terraria Jungle Spores | How to Get

Terraria‘s world gives you everything you need to craft a plethora of items. However, there are so many materials in the game that you may not know what each is for. Take Jungle Spores for example. What are you supposed to make with them? And for that matter, where are you supposed to find them?

How to Get Jungle Spores in Terraria

How to Get Jungle Spores in Terraria

If you’re looking for Jungle Spores, you’re going to have to look in the jungle. Head to one of the jungle biomes in your world, and start working your way underground.

Once you make it to the underground jungle biome, you’ll have to look for the spores on the ground. They’re easy to find, as the spores pulsate a green hue in the dark. All you have to do is hit the spores with a sword, and you’ll receive between one and three Jungle Spores.

So, now that you have jungle spores, what can you make with them? Plenty, as it turns out. You can make Void Bags with Spores, Bones, and Shadow Scales or Tissue Samples. You can also make Void Vaults with the same materials.

One of Terraria’s bet swords, the Blade of Grass, has to be made with Jungle Spores, Vines, and Stingers. You can also make the Jungle Hat, Pants and Shirt. To craft these, you’ll also need some vines and stingers.

Jungle spores can also be used to make Thorn Chakrams as well. The Thorn Chakram requires spores and stingers. Finally, the Snapthorn whip weapon also requires Vines, Stingers, and Jungle Spores.

Finally, these little things are a decent way to make some quick money. While a full stack of 99 can be sold for 19 silver, you could make even more money by crafting Jungle Hats, which will net you 10 gold pieces rather than 19 silver.

And that’s what you can use Jungle Spores for. They’re a very useful item when it comes to crafting, and can help you a lot during your adventure in Terraria.