Tunic Windmill Puzzle Solution | How to Solve

Despite its shiny appearance, Game Pass hit Tunic can be devilishly tough. Not only are boss battles notoriously fiendish, but there are several environmental puzzles that can also hold up your progress. Few are as challenging as the windmill puzzle, which requires you to input a range of D-pad commands to unlock some hidden treasure. Actually doing so isn’t too easy, so stick with us for the Tunic windmill puzzle solution.

How to Solve the Tunic Windmill Puzzle

How to Solve the Tunic Windmill Puzzle

You’ll encounter the windmill puzzle by heading to the windmill-shaped icon on the Tunic overworld map. You’ll be able to notice it due to the three solid colors that stand out in the plinth: blue, green, and pink. Head over to it, and you’ll be prompted to activate the puzzle. To do so, you need to put in a very specific combination of D-pad commands. Follow the below sequence and you’ll get it right:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Left
  4. Up
  5. Up
  6. Right
  7. Right
  8. Left
  9. Down
  10. Right
  11. Up
  12. Down

If you want a way to unlock the puzzle without resorting to the hints above, you can also head to page 53 of the Tunic manual. Look at the directional symbols around the ships, and it’ll also explain the solution for you! Input them in the correct order, and a treasure chest will appear before the windmill. You can then open it to get a bunch of rewards, including the third Secret Treasure collectible. There are a total of twelve across all of Tunic, so this is just one minor stage in a larger objective.

Equally, achievement hunters will be glad to learn that completing the Tunic windmill puzzle earns you the Sacred Geometry achievement. It’s worth an impressive 50G, and given how simple the requirements are, it’s definitely worth doing. For a puzzle this old-school, a reminder of the days of GTA: San Andreas cheats, it’s a little bit of fun.