Valheim Sails Onto Game Pass in March

Survival crafting games are a dime a dozen these days, and they all have a little something different to offer. However, one of the newcomers in the genre is taking the world by storm. That game is Valheim, the Norse-inspired survival hit. Long relegated to just the PC ecosystem, the developers announced that they’re bringing their title to Game Pass next month. Here are the details.

Valheim Comes to Game Pass in March

Valheim Coming to game Pass in March

The publisher for Valheim, Embracer Group recently released their earnings briefing for Q3 of this year. In the briefing, they announced that they were planning on bringing Valheim to Xbox. On top of that, they plan on making it available through Game Pass on PC. Since the game’s launch in 2021, the past two years of Valheim’s life have seen the game skyrocket to new heights, garnering a massive following on PC.

With it’s release on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox players who don’t have a PC will be able to get in on the action. However, Embracer mentioned that Ironheart’s game doesn’t have any plans to come out on either Nintendo Switch or PlayStation at the moment.

The briefing also mentions that there’s no set release date for Valheim’s Xbox Game Pass Debut, only a time frame, which is March. No specific date has been announced yet, so only time will tell when the game is going to be coming to game pass.

Speculating, if they’re going to announce the game for game pass, Valheim must be close to being complete. Some games have been out in Early access through Xbox’s Game Preview service. And Valheim being an early access title, means that it could be either getting a massive update by the time it comes to game pass, or it could be reaching a completed state, and coming out as a full release.

Either way, adding Valheim to the lineup of game pass titles will certainly draw attention to not only Game Pass, but give more attention to a new fan favorite. It’s a win-win for both companies, and March isn’t that far away!