Valheim Torch | How to Make

Valheim is home to a ton of caverns and dungeons that contain valuable resources. Unfortunately, navigating through each one can be difficult as these areas are often plunged in darkness. With the use of torches, however, you can make your exploration through these locations much easier. So if you want to know how you can make these important light sources in the game, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Make Torches in Valheim

How to Make Torches in Valheim

In order to make Torches in Valheim, you will simply need to gather one piece of Wood and one piece of Resin.

Wood can be acquired just about anywhere in the game, but the easiest place to get it at is the Meadows biome. You can typically acquire this by simply using an Axe on any Beech Tree within this area.

If you don’t have an Axe that you can use yet, then you can interact with a Branch instead. These are often located on random spots throughout the Meadows biome so you should have an easy time obtaining one.

The next component, Resin, is slightly harder to gather because you’ll need to slay a Greyling to obtain one. Greylings are aggressive creatures that can be found within the Meadows as well. This means you’ll be able to encounter them periodically as you progress through your journey.

How to Make Green Torches in Valheim

Green Torches are relatively more difficult to make than regular ones as these will need the following components: two Iron and two Guck.

To get Iron, you will first need to collect Iron Scraps by mining Muddy Scrap Piles at the Swamp biome. You’ll also need either an Antler or a Bronze Pickaxe to mine these deposits. Once you’ve acquired Iron Scraps, you’ll then need to use a Smelter to turn it into Iron you can use.

Next, you’ll similarly be able to acquire Guck from the Swamp biome by killing Abominations or Gucksacks. Keep in mind, though, that before you can access this area, you’ll have to defeat the second boss first. As soon as you’ve slain it, it will drop a Swamp Key that you can use to access the murky location.

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