Xbox Announces New “Sunkissed Vibes” Controller for Summer

When it comes to making special edition controllers and consoles, Xbox is the company that has the most tenure. Throughout the years, Xbox has made plenty of off-the-wall and interesting revisions to the cosmetic look of its consoles. This year, the trend continues as Xbox teams up with an unlikely brand to bring fresh summer vibes to gamers everywhere. The latest creation is a new gamepad with a very striking color scheme.

Xbox Teams Up With OPI On “Sunkissed Vibes” Controller

Xbox Sunkissed Vibes Controller

Xbox is teaming up with the makeup brand OPI to release a new controller. This controller, which is inspired by OPI’s “Summer Make the Rules” Collection, is a creamsicle orange controller with blue accents on the sticks, underside, and bumpers. It also features a green accent on the Xbox button and triggers. Aside from this, the face buttons and the select and share buttons are a matte grey color. The D-Pad is a more vibrant orange controller.

While this controller does scream “summertime,” it’s not your standard special edition controller. It’s not emblazoned with decals to look like Master Chief, but it’s perfect for the kind of person who enjoys vibrant tones.

This isn’t the first time these two companies worked together, either. The last time OPI and Xbox worked together was in January of 2022. Players who purchased items from OPI would be able to unlock special skins in Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Spring 2022 also had OPI’s part of the Xbox deal, where they released colored nail polish based on popular titles. One of which is, “You had me at Halo”

Now, they’ve teamed up once more, and instead of selling Xbox-themed nail polish, they’re selling nail polish-colored Xbox controllers. Though, nobody will really know it’s OPI themed unless they’re aware of the deal.

The Sunkissed Vibes Controller costs $70 USD and is available for pre-order. The controller is going to launch on May 9, 2023, and is available on both Microsoft’s website as well as, for those who want to purchase from a third party seller. If this sounds like the controller for you, now’s the perfect time to pick it up!