Xbox PC Games Coming To Boosteroid Next Month

Xbox has been on the path to picking up Activision Blizzard for a while now. Throughout Xbox’s campaign, the team has been making deals with every company they’ve met to ensure that competition is at an all-time high. That’s even as concerns about Xbox’s acquisition pushing forward a growing monopoly in Xbox’s favor. Although, despite Xbox having its own cloud service, they’re aiming to bring their games to other platforms. And the latest of those is Boosteroid.

Xbox Titles will Launch on Boosteroid on June 1

Gears 5 Joins Boosteroid on June 1

Xbox has announced on its website that starting on June 1, Boosteroid is going to be receiving Xbox PC titles. Players who use Boosteroid in Ukraine, the EU, and the US will be able to access Xbox’s PC Game Library. This includes titles like Gears 5, Grounded, Pentiment, and Deathloop.

This was already announced earlier this year. However, with the EU now allowing Xbox’s acquisition of Microsoft to go through, Xbox is keeping its word with other companies. Previously they’ve signed 10-year deals for both Boosteroid and Nintendo, to put their titles on their consoles.

Although it was announced earlier this year, the move to allow Boosteroid to host Xbox Games is most likely part of the company’s push for Activision. The EU previously denied the merger between the two companies. The biggest reason was due to Xbox having a significant advantage in cloud gaming. With Stadia out of the picture, Xbox could sweep away the competition with its lineup of games only available on Xbox’s cloud platform.

However, Xbox made a conscious effort to ensure that competition would be there for cloud gaming, by signing a deal with Boosteroid to host their titles. Now, players can choose from either Xbox’s service, or Boosteroid, and still get the same titles. With the EU now approving the merger, Xbox continues its conquest of Activision, perhaps leading gaming into a bright new direction if Xbox continues to make decisions that benefit gamers first. Although, it seems only time will tell if they’ll hold their end of the bargain.