Xbox Reveals New Home UI Going Into Effect this Week

Game updates are nothing new. After all, updating both games and consoles is the norm in the digital age of gaming. However, massive console updates are something that always gets people excited. Whether it’s adding Discord support on Xbox, or adding new features, there’s always something to talk about. This time, Xbox is changing how the Home UI will work for their latest consoles.

Xbox Changes Home UI Next Week

Old Xbox UI

Xbox has announced that it’s changing the way the Series X|S Home UI looks. Originally, the UI had game tiles that would showcase the game or app art for players. However, these tiles were in the middle of the screen. The new UI update changes the tiles by shrinking them and moving them downward.

This is to allow for the background to really shine when you open up your Xbox. With the background taking up more space on the screen, players now have a better look at their carefully chosen background. Another thing to mention is that with the shrunken tiles for the UI, when hovering over them new art will be displayed, allowing players to get a better look at the game they’re about to choose.

Though the changes are new, this updated look isn’t being released for all consoles just yet. Within this week, beta testers will be able to try out the new UI for Xbox Home before more changes are made, and it’s shipped out to all consoles.

This wouldn’t be the first time Xbox has changed its UI on consoles before as well. The Xbox 360 saw a massive UI Change twice throughout it’s life cycle. For example, the “Blades” Dashboard was the default look for the system, offering an interesting way to switch between categories before jumping into a game. That was until three years later when the Xbox 360 changed its whole dashboard to the “New Xbox Experience,” which is the dashboard with cards in a line. Players had to move down the line of cards to get to their selection.

Then in 2011, the “Metro” Dashboard was revealed, now the final evolution of the Xbox 360 interface. This has continued to be refined on, and changed for both the Xbox One and now Xbox Series X|S. While these updates change the UI of the console, they’re not as drastic as the NXE or Blades interface.

Of course, only time will tell what will become of the Xbox UI as it continues to get updates throughout the years.