Xbox Scrubbing 30+ Titles from 360 Marketplace

It’s always a sad thing when consoles fall into obscurity. With new consoles coming out every five to seven years, older machines tend to go forgotten. And, over time, their infrastructure begins shutting down. There inevitably comes a time to sunset services and consoles altogether. Now, Xbox is starting down that lonesome path. If you’re still rocking the 360 hardware, the time to play these games is running out.

Xbox Scrubs Titles from 360 Marketplace

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Xbox has made it known to consumers on its website that it’s going to start shutting down the Xbox 360 marketplace starting on February 7, 2023. Over 30 games are going to be removed from the marketplace in the United States. Some of these games include classics like The Orange Box, The Witcher 2, CS:GO, Far Cry 2, Dark Souls, and both Left 4 Dead titles. This delisting of these games also includes any DLC or add-on content. This will affect games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and Mass Effect 2, also being delisted on February 7.

While this is disappointing to those who still hold their 360s near and dear, all hope isn’t lost. Xbox Series X|S plays can still download these games from their online store thanks to backward compatibility. So playing these old titles can still be achieved if you have the latest hardware.

However, if you’re looking for a genuine Xbox 360 experience, you’ll most likely have to cough up some money to purchase these games physically. If you do have these games purchased already, you can still download them through the 360’s download history. However, on February 7, you won’t be able to make new purchases of games on the marketplace.

The games affected by the beginning of the marketplace’s shutdown are different in every region. Xbox lists which games are being removed from where, so you may want to check the full list.

It’s a bittersweet end to Xbox’s bestselling console, but the games aren’t completely lost.