Xbox Series X/S Update Improves Startup Time

A new system software update landed for Xbox Series X/S today. Rather than a full overhaul of the next-gen Xbox experience, it instead adds some handy under-the-hood tweaks. The time between first switching on your console and being able to access the menu is reduced by up to five seconds. Read on to learn more about this startup time change in the Xbox Series X/S.

Startup Time Faster on Xbox Series X/S

Startup Time Faster on Xbox Series X/S

Yes, if you’re loading up your next-gen Xbox for the first time today, you’ll have a brief update to download and install before you can go online. It’s a fair meager package coming in at less than 1GB, though the changes it makes are certainly noticeable.

The only confirmed improvement is to the time between first powering on your console and being able to actually use it. As per a Eurogamer report, this was previously around nine seconds. After the new update, they measure it at four seconds. This means Microsoft has more than halved the already brief wait time to get into your games.

It may not seem like a monumental tweak, but it’s sure to please fast-paced gamers. The newest generation of consoles was fast as it is, but seeing an improvement like this suggests these consoles could get even faster down the line. Considering the new SSD was one of the Series X’s major selling points, as well as the Quick Resume feature making it so easy to dive into games, it makes everything more streamlined.

In this update is also a change to the Xbox startup animation, though only Xbox Insiders can currently see it on their own consoles. It also changes the load time for those with Energy Saver mode powered on, heading to a total of fifteen seconds’ worth of waiting compared to twenty. While they may seem like small changes, it’s proof that Microsoft is not going to stop improving its latest consoles.