Xbox Wants New Developers Outside of US and Asia

When it comes to making games, many players may believe they’re only made in a few locations. Some of the biggest AAA titles are made in America, and Asia, with some titles being made in Europe. By and large, these are where most of the major game companies are situated. However, some developers don’t live in these areas. Xbox knows that there’s talent in other areas of the world, and they’re aiming to find new developers in new locations.

Xbox Looking Outside the US for Developers

Xbox Looks for Dev's Outside of USA

Xbox’s Sarah Bond Spoke with The Guardian about working with developers outside of the US and Western European markets. Bond commented:

“The games industry is very Western European and East Asian focused. We have focused on trying to get more global with it, because there’s more happening in places like India and Africa. We want to make sure we’re on the ground as we start to see more development there, as traditionally there hasn’t been much.”

This has led to Xbox signing deals with developers from Eastern Europe and India. While nothing has come of these deals so far, Xbox is planning on bringing more developers from more places into the world. Having Xbox focus on developers from outside of these markets could be good in the long run. Films and television have seen an uptick in interest in foreign films, including in the US and Europe. In a notable example, Netflix picked up the South Korean television show Squid Game, and India Scored an Oscar for the film RRR.

Perhaps the content being made overseas for gaming could be of the same caliber and could help push Xbox as a globally recognized brand. Although, Xbox doesn’t seem interested in sitting at the top.

It seems only time will tell what’s going to come of these partnerships. Xbox isn’t bringing these developers in as first-party partners. Instead, the company is giving them a chance to put their games on a platform with an already large install base. And, of course, giving gamers the chance to try these games out through Game Pass.