Disney Dreamlight Valley Olaf | How to Unlock

The character list of Disney Dreamlight Valley contains some of the most iconic fairy tale figures in existence. From classic names like Mickey Mouse to newer ones like Mirabel, the game’s fantasy-filled world can make any Disney fan wax nostalgic. New characters are also continually introduced by the developers. This time around, a familiar snowy figure named Olaf has finally been introduced to the Valley. If you’re wondering how you can bring him into your neighborhood, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley by completing his first quest called The Great Blizzard. This particular quest automatically begins once you start up the game after downloading the “A Festival of Friendship” update.

Your first task will be to consult with Merlin regarding the blizzard that has suddenly befallen the Frosted Heights biome. After you’ve talked to him, you’ll need to head to the Frosted Heights to investigate the source of the blizzard. If you haven’t unlocked this area yet, however, you’ll need to do so first by spending 10,000 Dreamlight.

Once there, head to the north side wall near the Pillar and interact with it. After a short cutscene, you’ll need to enter the secret chamber that appears in order to find Olaf inside.

Olaf will then ask you to help him retrieve his buttons and nose from the Scary Squirrels. To do this, head out of the chamber again and search for the shadowy squirrels that are running around the area. There are four that you’ll need to catch, but it should be fairly easy since they aren’t all that fast.

As soon as you’ve caught all four, return to the chamber and bring Olaf back his nose and buttons. You will then need to talk to Elsa afterwards. Next, she will mention that you can use your Watering Can to recreate memories after which you’ll need to head back to the Frosted Heights. Then, investigate the Pillar and use your Watering Can on the sparkling water particles near it.

After the brief image of The Forgetting appears, you’ll need to talk to Elsa again about what you saw. Afterwards, you’ll need to return to Olaf in the secret chamber.

Next, you’ll have to use your Watering Can on the puddles inside the chamber. After you’ve used it on all three puddles, talk to Olaf again. He will then ask you to search for a specific book about portals, which you’ll be able to find within the chamber. After finding it, simply bring it back to Olaf.

Afterwards, you’ll be tasked with crafting a Dreamlight Prism by using 10 Glass, five Purified Night Shard, and three Shattered Prisms. You’ll be able to find the Shattered Prisms in the chamber, but you’ll have to craft the other two components.

Once you’ve collected all three resources, you’ll be able to make the Dreamlight Prism at a Crafting Table. You can then head back to the secret chamber where you’ll need to place the Prism on the pedestal beside Olaf.

The next part of the quest will then require you to collect three specific gems, namely Citrine, Emerald, and Amethyst. After you’ve gathered these gems, you’ll need to place them on the empty pedestals in front of the portal. You should place the Emerald at the pedestal closest to the portal, while Citrine should be on the second row. Finally, as soon as you place the Amethyst on the last empty pedestal a cutscene will automatically play.

Afterwards, you’ll need to interact with the portal by telling it one of your deepest fears. After you’ve selected an option from the choices that appear, you’ll be able to retrieve the Orb from within. Next, you’ll have to bring Olaf his arms back by handing him the Orb.

Now that he’s got his arms back, you’ll be able to give him a hug, which ends up powering the previously lifeless Orb. With the powered Orb now in your possession, you’ll be able to place it into the Pillar and the blizzard will disappear. You can then talk to Olaf again to finish the quest.

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