Valheim Leather Scraps | How to Get
Valheim Leather Scraps | How to Get preview

Crafting various objects in the mythical world of Valheim can often be confusing for players. The lack of instructions and a tutorial make it especially difficult to find the necessary materials in the game. One particularly important resource that you may have trouble finding initially are the ever-present Leather Scraps. If you’ve been having difficulties locating this specific item, then you’re in luck because we’ve covered all you’ll need to know below.

How to Get Leather Scraps in Valheim

How to Get Leather Scraps in Valheim

In order to get Leather Scraps, you will simply need to slay the wild boars you find throughout the game. The opening area within the Meadows biome is especially teeming with this animal, which means you’ll be able to gather plenty through there.

Valheim boar hunting

Although Boars do fight back as soon as you approach them, you should be able to handle them easily enough. Even if you don’t have any equipment with you, a few punches should be enough to kill them. Once they’ve been slain, they will then drop the resource you’re looking for together with a piece of boar meat.

Now that you have the material in your inventory, you’ll be able to craft important equipment with it at Workbenches. Some of the more notable objects you can craft with it include Rag Pants, Wood Shield, and a Crude Bow. Keep in mind, though, that each of these require a specific amount of Leather Scraps, meaning you’ll have to keep gathering more.

For instance, Rag Pants require five pieces of Leather Scraps before they can be made. Wood Shields, on the other hand, only use up a total of four pieces. However, Crude Bows are the weapons that need it the most as each one needs a total of eight Leather Scraps to be crafted.

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