Crash Team Rumble Beta Arrives on April 20

Mascot platformers were around all the time in the 90s. Every company had one of its own to help get players in chairs to play their console or their game. Characters like Mario, and Sonic dominated their respective console markets. Of course, PlayStation had one of its own: Crash Bandicoot. However, as time went on, Crash has become a gaming icon outside of the PlayStation. With Crash nowunder Activision’s wing, he’s an icon of his own, and his latest title is coming to consoles next month: Crash Team Rumble.

Crash Team Rumble Beta Comes to Xbox on April 20

Crash Team Rumble Beta Launches In April

Crash Team Rumble is the latest game in the crash bandicoot series. However, instead of it being a normal 3D platformer, it’s a competitive multiplayer title. The game is a 4v4 platformer, but it also doubles as a brawler game. Each player picks one of the Crash characters, be it Crash himself, Tawna from Crash Bandicoot 4, or even someone like Neo Cortex or Dingodile.

From there, the players must explore the map, avoid the opposing team’s attacks, and collect as much wumpa fruit as possible. Then, once they’ve collected enough, they’ll have to make their way to their base to deposit enough fruit to win the match.

There’s more to the game, as some characters have abilities that others don’t. Picking the right character for your team is a big choice when it comes to winning.

Activision after announcing the game, has mentioned that the title is going to receive a beta for all preorders of the title. The beta is going to begin on April 20 and end on April 24. After that, players will have to wait until the game’s launch on June 20.  The standard edition of the game is $30, but players can get the deluxe edition for $40.

Activision has also mentioned that, much like every other multiplayer game released these days, it’s going to include a Battle Pass for the first season of the game. More details about that will be revealed at a later date.

Crash Team Rumble is releasing on June 20. The game is developed by Toys for Bob, the same developer behind Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about Time.