Disney Dreamlight Valley Clams | Where to Find

There are plenty of materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley. These items are usually used in crafting, but can be found for cooking, or completing quests for the villagers of the island. However, with so many items to pick up and use, finding them is difficult. One item that comes to mind is clams. Here’s where you need to look to find these little guys.

Where to Find Clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re looking for clams in Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you’ll probably know where to look. Clams are classified as Seafood, meaning you’ll find them at the sea. The best location to search is Dazzle Beach. If you don’t have it unlocked yet, you’ll have to secure enough Dreamlight to open this biome up to you. Once you do make it to Dazzle Beach, it’s time to find the Clams.

These will be easy to find on the Sands of the beach. They’re not fished up, but foraged. It works like finding berries in other biomes in the game, such as Elder Berries, which are used in Berry Salad. Keep your eyes on the ground for a bright pink color along the beachline. Once you do find one, walk up to it to grab the clam.

It’s recommended that you go during the day since they’re easier to see in the sunlight. The truth is, however, that you can pick up clams anytime during the day. Going at night is no problem, you’ll just have to look a little harder since there won’t be any bright sun to guide you to these delightful pieces of seafood.

As for what you can do with Clams, you can sell them for some coins to purchase more items. Or, you could use them in a Dish that includes Clams, which will raise the selling price higher. If you do make a dish with the clams, but don’t want to sell it, you could give it to someone. Giving food to other villagers will increase your friendship with them. This can open quests, or give you an item!