Ghostwire: Tokyo Comes to Game Pass With Massive Update

Ghostwire: Tokyo has been a PlayStation exclusive for so long. But now, it’s finally coming to Xbox. Not only that, but the news gets better: it’s also coming to Game Pass. And furthermore, there’s going to be a massive update for the game coming out alongside its launch next month. If you’ve been waiting to check this game out for yourself, here are all of the details.

What’s Included in Ghostwire: Tokyo Major Update

New Content Coming to Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox

The game’s update will release on the same day for all platforms, including Xbox, PC, and PlayStation. The new update includes a new mode called “The Spider’s Thread” which is a roguelike mode. The mode places you in a group of 120 handcrafted levels and challenges you to complete them. This new mode also comes with a new story as well, as you uncover the mystery wrapped through this mysterious challenge. As you complete the floors, you’ll be awarded money and gifts. The money you earn in the Spider’s Thread will allow you to customize your character further in the main game.

Furthermore, new parts of the map are going to be opened for the player to explore. The “Middle School” area of the game has been opened up, allowing you to discover plenty of new quests to try out for yourself. On top of this, the main game’s cutscenes are going to be expanded upon, adding more story for you to chew on as the game progresses. This provides an enticing reason to come back to the game if this is your second time through.

Even more, a new expansion for photo mode is being added to the game. You’ll be able to add stamps to your screenshots, and will be able to use models from the game by finding them at capsule machines throughout the city.

Lastly, the combat for Ghostwire is being updated as well. Two new moves are being added to the game. The moves, Quick Dodge and Perfect Block Counter-Attack, will allow you to tango with your enemies in a more up-close and personal way.

This new update is shaping up to be an impressive bout of content for Xbox gamers. Ones who haven’t had the chance to play Ghostwire: Tokyo.