Grounded Right Elf Charm | How to Get

Grounded has players taking on a once-safe backyard now turned into a dangerous and lush jungle. However, there are upgrades that will dramatically increase your chances of survival. The Right Elf Charm in particular is popular because it will occasionally repair your weapons for you. Of course, you’ll need to find and equip it before you can enjoy its effects. For that, we can help. Here’s the location you need to search to find this charm.

How to Get Right Elf Charm in Grounded

How to Get the Right Elf Charm in Grounded

The Right Elf Charm can be found in the Stump Lab Outpost. You won’t have to search for long; it’s sitting in a chest not far beyond the entrance. However, the Stump Lab Outpost is an optional area that requires a lot of work to unlock. You won’t be able to get the Right Elf Charm until you’ve cleared out Black Anthill and defeated the Assistant Manager.

If you haven’t already, you can locate the Stump Lab Outpost by first finding the big stump. It’s a major feature of the Upper Grasslands, so you can’t miss it. The entrance is a tunnel hidden directly in the center of the stump. However, interior access is locked behind a door. And this is where things get complicated.

In order to get past this door, you have to make your way to the outpost in the Koi Pond (not the Pond Lab). There’s a button that can be pressed to open the door inside the control room. However, to get into that control room, you need the Assistant Manager Keycard, which is dropped by the Assistant Manager. And to get that, you’ll have to clear out the Black Anthill and defeat the boss.

So, in summary, you’ll need to reach Black Anthill; defeat the Assistant Manager; use the Asst. Manager keycard to open the door the control room in Koi Pond outpost; then press the button to unlock the Stump Lab Outpost door.

Thankfully, these requirements aren’t too difficult. And in return, you’ll get quite a bonus. The Right Elf Charm has a chance to repair your weapon every time you attack. It’s a huge boon to weapons like the Mint Mace, or the Salt Morning Star, which are difficult to craft.