New Gotham Knights Update Adds 15 Floor Raid and New Gear

While it hasn’t been the most favored game in the Batman series, Gotham Knights has remained afloat thanks to die-hard fans of the series. Those fans are about to be awarded, as a new update for the game has launched on all consoles. The new update is called “The Kelvin Incident” and is a 15-floor raid for players to embark on. Here are the must-know details.

What’s Included in Gotham Knights‘ New Update

Gotham Knights The Kelvin incident

The new update published by Warner Bros. Games is now live on all platforms, announced on the title’s official Twitter Page.

The Kelvin incident is a 15-floor raid that focuses on the characters of Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface. Players will be able to take on this heroic assault with up to four people if they have Heroic Assault unlocked in New Game +. However, if they want to take on the new content in their first playthrough of the game, they’ll need to complete all the Villan Crimes.

Once you have either of the prerequisites complete, you’ll be able to take on the raid. However, this isn’t the only addition included in the game. According to the patch notes provided by Warner Bros, there’s also the introduction of Mythical Armor, which is only able to be acquired in The Kelvin Incident.

On top of this, players can unlock new transmogs for the game. Included in the update is one new suit transmog. As well as four Batcycle transmogs. The patch notes also mention that new stronger enemies have been added to the game.

Outside of gameplay, new accessibility options have been added to Gotham Knights. The first thing is Controller Remapping. Players will be able to remap their controls to whatever they want on both console and PC. This also includes gameplay controls. Furthermore, they have also added the ability to change buttons that require you to hold them, to be set to toggle.

The game also includes text-to-speech functionality for screen readers built into devices. But aside from all of this, players will have plenty to do with the new raid!