Signalis Butterfly Safe Code | How to Open

Signalis has quickly become one of the most beautifully terrifying titles released in the horror genre. Throughout your adventure in its dystopian world, you’ll encounter plenty of mind-boggling puzzles that will need to be solved. A particular example that players often have trouble with is finding the code needed to open the Butterfly Safe. Fortunately, we can help save you a bit of time with this one.

What Is the Butterfly Safe Code in Signalis?

What Is the Butterfly Safe Code in Signalis?

The Butterfly Safe Code in Signalis is AEON. You can find these letters by inspecting the display case found on the north side wall. This will then show you four butterflies which have letters cryptically placed on each of their wings. Once you open the safe, you’ll be able to acquire the Moon card which you’ll need to progress through the story.

Before you can find the safe, however, you’ll have to head to the Apartments (Upper Floor) area. In order to get to it, you’ll first need to head to the Hallway on the left side after you drop into the main Atrium at the Apartments (Ground Floor) area.

apartments ground floor map

Then, you’ll need to head to the third door at the end of the Hallway to reach the Ladder Room. You’ll need to be ready to fight, however, because you’ll need to go through three enemies to get to it.

apartments upper floor map

Once you’ve entered the room and climbed up, you’ll have to exit the upper Ladder Room which will bring you to the Blue Hallway. Here, you will need to enter the Apartment room on the far side. Be wary, though, because there will be two enemies inside that you’ll need to kill. As soon as they’ve been dealt with, take the Handwheel found on the stove.

With the Handwheel in your inventory, retrace your steps and head back to the main Atrium on the ground floor. You’ll need to enter the room on the upper right side where you’ll be using the Handwheel to turn off the flames.

Move forward and go through the doors on the right side until you reach the Meat Grinder room. Inside, you’ll be able to jump down the broken meat grinder to access the Metro Station area. Head south until you reach the Metro Platform where you will once again have to defeat a few enemies.

butterfly room map

Afterwards, enter the room on the far right which contains another Storage Box and a Save point. Then, go through to the next room and head up the ladder twice to gain access to the Apartments (Upper Floor) area.

Finally, go through the door and defeat the enemies in the Apartment. Then, head to the Hallway on the left side and the first door at the top will be the Butterfly Room. Use the code AEON to open the safe, and you’ll find the Moon card inside.