Tetris Effect: Connected Gets New Modes This Week

When it comes to classic games, many people think of titles like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Berzerk. However, many of these classic games have found new success by shifting to 3D or overhauling the gameplay formula. One game, however, has held onto the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That game is Tetris, which has survived through the years practically unchanged. Tetris Effect: Connected continues the action, and players on Game Pass are soon to see some new content added.

Tetris Effect: Connected New Update

Tetris Effect: Connected New Update

For those unfamiliar, Tetris Effect: Connected is the latest home console version of the classic puzzle game. It was developed by Enhance, the minds behind Rez: Infinite and Lumines. The puzzle game sends players on a immersive and entrancing adventure, with the music filling out and changing based on how you play the game. The closer you get to completing a stage, the more the music expands into a full on symphony.

Once you’re done with the campaign, you can make your way to multiplayer, or the many score attack modes throughout the game. However, some modes are single-time playthroughs, like Purify. Alternatively there’s Classic Score attack, which mimics the orignal Tetris for NES, and can only be played with two people.

Luckily, Enhance posted on Twitter saying that it is continuing to support Tetris Effect: Connected with more modes on February 22.

The video attached brings up four new modes coming to the game. Including Classic Score Attack, allowing you to play Classic Tetris alone to really rack up that high score by yourself.

Also included in endless versions for Purify and Master mode. The biggest one, however, is Zone Marathon mode. It’s a new version of Marathon mode that allows you to use all the new mechanics found in Journey mode, without having to be stuck playing one level over and over again.

This is big news for fans of Tetris Effect: Connected, as it continues to add further replayability to the game. Time to jump back in and embrace the sweet sounds of falling tetrominoes for hours and hours on end.