Xbox Owners Planning to Boycott Consoles With In-Game Ad Update

Xbox has been a pinnacle of gaming for the longest time. Players can sit down and enjoy their games without interruption if they choose to do so. On mobile, that story is different. That’s because by picking up any game on mobile, you get a slice of playtime before you have to watch an ad. According to the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, the company likes that idea, and wants to implement it into the console experience. However, that news hasn’t been well-received, and many gamers are openly planning to boycott Xbox if that’s the case.

Gamers Plan Boycott if Xbox Puts Ads in Games

Xbox Players Plan boycott if Xbox Puts Ads in Games

When speaking to Rolling Stone about the future of the Xbox, Corporate Vice President Sarah Bond mentioned that they’re looking into alternative advertising models:

“We’ve talked about how we’re experimenting with other models, like what does it mean for advertising in games which is more prevalent in mobile – are there models of that that work well in PC and console? Are there other models where you might have timed slices of games and stuff like that?”

This comment has sparked the ire of many gamers. While this comment doesn’t confirm anything about the addition of ads into gameplay, rather it confirms they’re in talks. It seems to have already caught the ire of fans.

Players speak out about how they don’t want their Xbox to contain more ads, with one user stating on Twitter that they’ll drop their Xbox the moment this is implemented. Another Twitter user commented that ads on a console should make the console free.

It’s clear this idea isn’t sitting well with the consumer base, and for good reason. It’s not said by Bond what games would include ads, or if this would be mandatory on Xbox platforms. However, the most logical choice would be to put ads on free-to-play games like Fortnite or Apex Legends. However, these companies are already making the bulk of their income on microtransactions.

It seems that only time will tell if they’ll actually go through with adding advertisements in Xbox. Or, if the consumers will back off from the console if that happens.