Xbox Players Can No Longer Direct Share To Twitter

When the Xbox One was released to the public one, of its biggest features was the ability to share clips of gameplay. Players landing monster kills in Halo or getting a tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2 would be able to snap a clip of their gameplay, then post it direct to Twitter right from their console. However, Twitter’s new API update has made that impossible, and it seems Microsoft isn’t planning on doing anything about it.

Twitter API Breaks Xbox Twitter Integration

Xbox Refuses to use Twitter API Amongst changes

With Elon Musk taking over as Twitter’s CEO, many changes to the website have been made. One of these controversial changes is API integration access tiers. The system aims to put Twitter’s API behind a paywall for users and companies alike. The “Enterprise” tier will cost users up to $42,000 a year if they opt into the program.

With this in mind, it seems that Microsoft isn’t interested in dropping $42,000 on keeping Twitter integration for Xbox. Microsoft has stated that it has turned off the ability to upload clips directly from the console. However, the company has not stated the reasoning behind this decision.

While many could speculate that the reason behind turning off Twitter integration is the price hike from Twitter. Microsoft hasn’t made any official statement about it. This stems further than just Xbox, too. Microsoft has removed Twitter support from its advertising platform as well, stopping users from placing ads on Twitter through Microsoft.

The resulting choice to stop supporting Twitter has caught the attention of Twitter CEO Elon Musk who has made his own comments on the matter. He teases to sue Microsoft stating the company’s new AI tech was “trained using stolen information.”

While this may spell a lawsuit between both Twitter and Microsoft, nothing official has been brought out yet. This could very well mean nothing, but if something is announced. This feud between Twitter and Microsoft could be far from over. It appears that Xbox might only be the beginning.

If you still want to upload your clips from your console to Twitter, you’ll have to do it through the Xbox App on mobile devices.