Conan Exiles Glowing Goop Locations | Where to Find

Given the expansiveness of Conan Exiles, it’s hard to remember where to find certain items. That’s especially true if they’re not used for much. Such is the case of Glowing Goop. While it’s not as frequently utilized as other materials in the game, that doesn’t make it any less important. The question remains though, where can you find this material?

Where to Find Glowing Goop in Conan Exiles

Where to Find Glowing Goop in Conan Exiles

If you’re looking for Glowing Goop, then you’ll know it’s pretty hard to find. This goopy substance is found in only a select few places, and if you do stumble upon it in the wild, it’s not going to give you a lot of the stuff. However, there’s a few locations in the game where it’s plentiful.

The best place to find Glowing Goop is The Decent of Dagon. In the tunnel, as you’re entering this location you can find some Glowing Goop Shrubs. If you’re looking for more, another good place to look is the Oasis of Nekhet, Scattered patches of these shrubs can be found there.

If you happen to find yourself in the jungle, you can find small deposits of it in shaded areas. They won’t offer much, though. Instead, if you want to harvest a lot at one time, go to the Sunken City. Once you’re down there, you should be able to find a very large deposit of Glowing Goop. This is where you can find the most of it.

As for harvesting this material, you’re going to need a sickle. Every time you use the sickle, you’ll net about nine glowing goop from the shrubs.

As for what you can make with it, there are only a few things. When combined with a bone, you can make a Glowing Stick, which is a good way to light your way in areas where a torch can’t help you. If you have some aloe leaves, you can make glowing essence. Finally, if you happen to have a Water Filled Glass Flask, you can make Cyan Dye. The Glowing Goop is the only material in the game that can make Cyan Dye, so you’ll need it. Good luck hunting down this elusive material!

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