Conan Exiles Ironstone | Where to Find

You’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to survival in Conan Exiles. For one, you’ll have to learn to make your own shelter. Second, you’ll have to make tools. Both of these require you to collect and manipulate raw materials. Among the first you’ll need is Ironstone. If you aren’t sure where to find it, we can help point you in the right direction.

Where to Find Ironstone in Conan Exiles

Where to Find Ironstone in Conan Exiles

Ironstone can be found all over Conan Exiles. It’s an early-game crafting material, meaning it’s easily found around the starting zone. However, it isn’t necessarily found in abundance in the beginning area. To farm Ironstone quickly, you should head into the mountains to mine for it.

Make no mistake: this is a very common material. Unfortunately, that also means it’s rather easy to overlook. To harvest Ironstone, you’ll need to break apart large rocks. Naturally, you’ll need a pickaxe to be able to crack them open.

If you’re looking, there are plenty of specific places to find Ironstone. For example, if you travel to sector F5 near the Tower of Bats, to the southeast of the tower, you’ll find a large nodes all clustered together. This is a great location to farm the material.

Another good location to find Ironstone is in Sector A11. This is to the northwest of the Mounds of Dead, at the top right corner of the A11 block. Heading to this location you’ll see a lot of iron situated on the cliffs.

Once you get stronger, there’s another way you can get Ironstone as well. If you happen to go out and find a Rocknose, you can kill it. Taking the rocknose and using it in an animal pen (which are used for taming animals) with one stone, you can have a chance to get some Ironstone out of it. However, you’d be better off just looking for the ore itself.

Once you find out how to make Steelfire, you can use the iron bars made from Ironstone to make some Steel to further upgrade your weapons.