Grounded Twinkling Shells | How to Get

There are plenty of resources in Grounded. You may be able to get them from harvesting, or you may have to kill some enemies to get your hands on them. Among the items you’ll have to hunt for are Twinkling Shells. These are used in the creation of Jewels, which can help further augment your weapons. However, getting your hands on this rare material is going to take effort.

How to Get Twinkling Shells in Grounded

How to Get Twinkling Shell in Grounded

To get a Twinkling Shell in Grounded, you’ll need to find and defeat a Scarab. It’s a tough task, because these creatures will immediately run away from the player. You’ll need to take it out before it manages to escape.

First things first. If you want to get these shells from the enemy, you’re going to have to fight it. But if you’re going to fight it, you’ll need to know where to find it. There are a few places in which these enemies will spawn: the Northern Grasslands, the Termite Den, the Woodpile, the Undershed, and the Shed Surroundings.

The Scarab is a passive creature and will run away once you step into its line of sight. So you’ll have to be very careful about how you fight the enemy.

To kill a Scarab, you’d be wise to keep your distance. Any Ranged weapon that has an elemental effect is what you should use. Choose weapons like the Spicy Staff, or the Black Ox Crossbow with splinter arrows. These will do massive amounts of damage to the Scarab, and should even be able to one-shot them. However, if you’re playing on Woah difficulty, you’ll have to equip an elemental arrow instead of a splinter arrow, since Woah decreases the amount of damage you do. Elemental damage like Fresh Damage will stack on top of the damage you’re already doing, since Scarabs are weak to every element.

If you can’t one-shot them, then you’ll have to chase them down. However, you’ll need to be fast, as the Scarab will eventually burrow into the ground, wasting time and setting you back to square one.

However, if you do manage to defeat the Scarab, you’ll be awarded with a Twinkling Shell. The shells twinkle much like the buried treasure hidden around the map, so they’re easy to spot.