Madden 23 Time Out | How to Hurry Up

Madden 23 is a strategic game full of constant mind battles on the field. That’s why knowing how to call a time-out is essential if you need to draw up a play, stop the clock, or reset the pace if the momentum isn’t working in your favor. That’s why this guide will show you not only how to call a timeout, but also how to hurry up the play — because sometimes you don’t have the leisure to casually stroll to the line of scrimmage.

How to Call a Time Out in Madden 23

How to Call a Time Out in Madden 23

Here’s how to call a time out in Madden 23 on all consoles:

  • PS4/PS5 – Touchpad
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – Menu button
  • PC – T

The controls to call a time-out in Madden 23 stay the same whether you’re on pre-play offense controls or pre-play defense controls. By that we mean, the controls offered to players before the play takes place. Because if you want to call a time-out, you have to do it before you spike the ball and the play starts.

The main reason why you may call a time out is if you’re in the late game, you ran the ball, and there’s not much time left on the clock. In this case, you’ll want to call a time-out in order to stop the clock and reset the play. However, if you’ve already used all your time outs, your last bet is to hurry up the play. This essentially rushes all your players to the line of scrimmage so you can hike the ball before the play ends. Here’s how to hurry up the play for each console:

  • PS4/PS5 – X
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – A
  • PC – Spacebar or Left-Click

To get the spike off as quickly as possible, simply hold the button down after the play has stopped. This will rush your players to the line and hopefully let you get the spike off before time runs out.

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