Sea of Thieves Sword of Souls | How to Get

Sea of Thieves has a lot of cosmetics. While you may be plundering the seas, you’ve still got to look your best. That’s especially true when you’re in the midst of other pirates who are always watching you. One way to stand out is with a fancy sword, and among the fanciest of those is the Sword of Souls. But how can you get your hands on this desirable blade? Don’t worry, we can help.

How to Get the Sword of Souls in Sea of Thieves

How to Get the Sword of Souls in Sea of Thieves

The sword you seek is locked behind a Tall Tale found on Shipwreck Bay. You’ll need to complete The Seabound Soul in order to get the Sword of Souls. It will be unlocked alongside The Seabound Soul commendation after the quest is finished.

Here’s what you need to get started. On the southeast shores of Shipwreck Bay, you’ll find a ship by the name of Blackwyche. Inside of the captain’s quarters of the ship, you’ll find a Tall Tale book you and your crew can vote on. Once you do this, the portrait next to the book will let loose a spirit.

The spirit is the former captain of the Blackwyche, Sir Arthur Pendragon. After appearing, he’ll inform you that he sailed the Sea of Thieves looking for trapped souls to free until he was bound to a painting. The quest will see you and your crew searching the Sea of Thieves to help Pendragon find trapped souls to save with his special sword.

At this point, two items will be added to your inventory. The first is the Tale Book, and the second is The Enchanted Lantern. Use the book and its clues to find the resting places of the pirates who died. Once you make it to their resting place, you’ll have to use the lantern to find the item they’re trapped inside. After you’ve found the item, Pendragon will be on the shores, waiting for you to return it to him.

After you complete the final trial of this Tall Tale, you’ll be awarded with The Seabound Soul commendation. Once that’s done, head to a vanity chest, and you’ll be able to equip Pendragon’s Sword of Souls for your own use.

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