Stardew Valley Void Egg | How to Get

Stardew Valley‘s farming mechanics make for a very fun experience. Sure, it’s not a pure simulation, but the fantasy aspect is what gives the game so much charm. The obscure and often mystical world of Stardew Valley has plenty of interesting items for you to acquire, one of them being the Void Egg. This strange item has a chance to appear randomly, which makes it especially confusing. However, there are ways in which you can generate your own Void Eggs, which can then be used in the creation of a specific item.

How to Get a Void Egg in Stardew Valley

How to Get a Void Egg in Stardew Valley

Void Eggs have a chance to appear during a random event, assuming you have a Deluxe or Big Coop on your farm. During the night, there’s a chance for a Witch to fly by your coop and leave a Void Egg behind. If you’ve seen one randomly appear on your farm, this is why.

However, you can get Void Eggs in other ways. For one, you can buy them from Krobus for 5,000 Gold. You also get some by marrying the NPC Shane. If you wind up getting betrothed to Shane, you’ll occasionally receive them as gifts on rainy days. Finally, there’s one more way: start a Void Salmon Fish Pond. Once the population reaches nine, there’s a chance to receive a Void Egg.

So what can you do with them? You have a few choices. They make for decent returns through sale, being worth 65g each. However, you’d be better off using it to make Void Mayonnaise, which sells for 275g. That number goes even higher if you choose the Artisan profession.

Still, in order for that plan to remain profitable, you’ll need to put a Void Egg into an incubator to hatch a Void Chicken. Feed it once per day, and you’ll be able to maintain a steady supply of Void Eggs. Then you can use it to generate Void Mayonnaise for profit. Or, you can give some to Krobus — he loves the stuff.

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