Stardew Valley Agriculturist or Artisan | Which Is Best?

When you reach level five Farming in Stardew Valley, you can choose between becoming a Rancher and a Tiller. If you chose Tiller and progressed to level 10 Farming, you’ll be faced with another important choice for your career: Agriculturist or Artisan. While both professions are reliable options with good sources of income, one is widely regarded as better than the other. And in this guide, we’ll compare Agriculturist and Artisan to see which is the better option.

Is Agriculturist or Artisan Better in Stardew Valley?

 Is Agriculturist or Artisan Better in Stardew Valley

In short, Artisan is the better option for both short and long-term progression and profit, and here’s why. When you pick Artisan, all Artisan goods your farm produces will sell for an extra 40% profit. The only exception is Oil and Coffee. That basically means that everything else your farm produces will receive a 40% gold boost until the end of the game. That quickly adds up over time, giving you a large sum of money in the bank.

It is a bit of an effort to develop all of the processing machines, but it is also highly rewarding. Because they enable you to produce resources more quickly and in greater quantities, you effectively have more products to sell and more gold to collect.

For the sake of argument, let’s say you choose Agriculturist over Artisan. Going Agriculturist will give you 10% faster crop growth. While this is nice and gives you a bigger yield it can easily be combated by Artisan with Speed-Gro. This is a fertilizer that can be obtained from a Bone Mill or purchased from Pierre’s General Store for 100 gold, and it also increases crop growth by 10%.

So as an Artisan, not only can you use Speed-Gro to grant you the same 10% faster crop growth as an Agriculturist, but you can also then sell it for 40% more profit. Easily making Artisan the preferred choice. However, with all that said, both professions are viable options for progressing and making a profit in the game.

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