Stardew Valley | How to Get Rid of Tools

Your Stardew Valley farm, like any other, will amass a collection of old tools over time. Or perhaps you bought a tool by mistake, not realizing you already had one in your chest. Whatever the case may be, you’ll most likely want to get rid of all your unwanted tools. However, Stardew Valley makes this a difficult process. You can’t always get rid of tools by tossing them in the trash bin. That means you’ll have to get creative if you want to get rid of excess tools, and we’ve included a method in this guide that will help you do just that.

How to Get Rid of Tools in Stardew Valley

How to Get Rid of Tools in Stardew Valley

To get rid of tools in Stardew Valley, first, check to see if you can throw them away in your trash can. Just press “E” to open your inventory, and the trash bin will be in the bottom right corner. If the tool you want to get rid of can be thrown away, great; if not, you’ll have to try a more creative method.

Items, such as tools, despawn in Stardew Valley if they are left on the ground overnight. However, your player will usually immediately pick up items you drop from your inventory, making this method difficult. That’s why there’s a creative solution around this.

“Pathing” in Stardew Valley refers to the paths that NPCs take in their daily lives, which never change. If a chest is placed outside your farm and in the path of an NPC, they must walk through it, destroying it. As a result, you can place items and tools in a chest, in the path of an NPC, and when they destroy the chest the items inside will de-spawn overnight if not picked up.

First, put a chest and the items you want to delete in your toolbar. Then head into Pelican Town and find an NPC’s house. Place the chest in front of the house with the tools/items you want to destroy inside. Then the NPC will destroy the chest as they enter or exit their home and continue along their scheduled path. The items that dropped from the chest, if not picked up, will despawn overnight. You can do this anywhere along the NPC’s scheduled path.

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