Disney Dreamlight Valley Fish Risotto | How to Make

There are plenty of recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, each one more interesting than the last. The more you learn to cook, and the more you make new dishes, the more money and energy you can gain. One of these dishes is the Fish Risotto. It sounds fancy, so you’d think it needs fancy ingredients, right? Well, not exactly. Here’s a look at what you need.

How to Make Fish Risotto in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Fish Risotto in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Fish Risotto recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires Fish, Rice, and Butter.

Rice is available through the Glade of Trust. You’ll need to repair Goofy’s stall if you haven’t already. From there, you’ll have the option to either buy seeds, or pre-grown rice. You’ll need to upgrade the stall if you want to unlock fully grown rice for purchase.

If you happen to end up with Rice Seeds, then you’re going to have to grow them. Remember, most seeds grow best in the biome in which they’re found. The time to grow to maturity increases outside of crops’ native habitats.

The next thing you’ll need is fish. Any kind of fish works for Fish Risotto. Keep in mind that seafood is caught at Dazzle Beach. For actual fish, go fishing outside of Dalle Beach. If you don’t have your hands on your own personal fishing rod, then you’ll need to seek out Goofy and complete the Fishing Expedition quest.

Butter is easy. For that, simply head over to Chez Remy. Non-vegetables ingredients like butter and milk are available from Remy’s Pantry.

Now on to the easy part: the actual cooking. All you need to do is combine the fish, rice, and butter to unlock the Fish Risotto recipe. The three-star dish will be added to your inventory, ready to eat or to sell.

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