Grounded Grass Seeds | How to Regrow

Grounded‘s interesting story as well as it’s survival crafting setup has players exploring what was normally a backyard. As such, in order to survive, you’ll need to be able to live off the environment. You can grow some crops, including regular old grass, from seeds. But is that something you’ll have to constantly repeat? Is there a way to continually regrow grass from seeds?

How to Regrow Grass Seeds in Grounded

How to Regrow Grass Seeds in Grounded

There are two ways to grow grass seeds in Grounded. Either you let the naturally generated grass regrow in the environment, or you plant grass seeds in a garden patch.

If you’ve found the grass seeds in the upper grasslands, they won’t grow in the normal way that grass around you grows. In fact, those are saved for the garden patch that you’ll have to construct.

For grass in the natural environment, you’ll want to remove the grass stump that remains after you cut it. Soon enough, the grass will regenerate throughout the area. The only time that world generated grass won’t grow, is if you build something within the proximity of the grass.

As for the garden patch, once you plant the grass seeds within the garden patch, it only grows as-is. You’ll have to find more seeds once you harvest it. There is no way to regrow grass from just one seed. However, you’ll find that there are plenty of seeds within the upper grasslands if you want to get your hands on some more.

Farming in Grounded is tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you can get better items using the “Green thumb” mutation. You can also use fertilizer like Rotten Food or Meat to jumpstart the growing process. It’s simple, and it’s effective, and it’ll help make your experience easier!

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