Sea of Thieves Emissary Value | What Does it Do?

So you and your pirate crew have decided to become Trading Company Emissaries in Sea of Thieves. That’s fantastic; now you can benefit from bonus gold when selling to your representative trading company. However, you’ve probably noticed that you’re also getting Emissary Value. Don’t know what it does? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about Emissary Value in this guide.

What Does Emissary Value Do in Sea of Thieves?

What Does Emissary Value Do in Sea of Thieves?

Essentially, Emissary Value in Sea of Thieves allows you to earn more bonus gold and unlock free cosmetics for the trading company you represent. You can view your current value in your reputation tab, or at the bottom left of your screen when you pick up company-related treasure. So how do you earn Emissary Value?

You earn Emissary Value by selling company treasure or looting new company-related treasure. As it increases you will raise your Emissary Grade over time, all the way from Grade I (Grade 1) to a maximum of Grade V (Grade 5). The yellow bars inside the value meter in the bottom left of your screen and your reputation tab will both tell you your grade.

When selling to your representative trading company, each grade you level up will result in an increase in bonus gold. The maximum Grade V grants you an additional 150% gold on top of the base value.

As you gain Emissary Value, the total is recorded in your Emissary Ledger. This can be found in your pirate log under the tab for the trading company you’re representing. The ledger tracks your progress for an entire month, allowing you to see how you compare to other company representatives. As you accumulate value for the month, you will be able to progress through four levels of rewards, each of which offers you different titles, cosmetics, and items for your representative trading company.

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