Tunic No Fail Mode | How to Turn On

Game Pass gem Tunic may seem colorful and fairly easy, but it can be a really challenging experience. From tough enemies and fights to devious health hits, sometimes it’s nice to have a safety cushion. That’s where the No Fail Mode comes in: A setting where your adorable sprite will become totally invincible. If that sounds up your street, and you’d rather enjoy the story than struggle with boss fights, we’re here to help.

How to Turn On No Fail Mode in Tunic

How to Turn on No Fail Mode in Tunic

The No Fail Mode in Tunic is available through the Accessibility menu. To enable No Fail mode, simply load up the game, then from the main menu, select Options. From there, continue on to the Accessibility sub-menu, then scroll down the list to find No Fail Mode; it’s the fifth choice. Then, simply toggle it on and load up your current save. Afterward, you will no longer take damage from enemies.

It really is as simple as that. You don’t have to mess around with unlocking anything after completing the main story, nor do you have to install the option as a mod or DLC. Instead, all you’ve got to do is toggle that one accessibility setting, and the Tunic experience will instantly become a lot more straightforward. Afterward, you will simply take zero damage, not from enemies nor bosses. You’ll be free to enjoy the story, music, visuals, and atmosphere without worry. Best of all: No Fail Mode does not disable achievements.

While this mode certainly won’t be for everyone — especially after playing games like Elden Ring — it certainly has its place in Tunic. Some of the boss fights can be surprisingly difficult, even for genre veterans. Given the game no doubt also appeals to kids through its colorful design, younger gamers may need it as a helping hand. Otherwise, it simply allows anyone to enjoy the adventure without added stress or anxiety.