Tunic Tuning Forks Purpose | What Do They Do?

Tunic is the sprite-based Game Pass hit of 2022, but it’s no walk in the park. The game’s tutorial sections are purposefully vague, instead leaving you to figure everything out yourself. One common question among fans is the Tunic tuning forks and their purpose. They end up being crucial to traversal in tunic, but that’s not immediately clear. Read on to learn all about tuning forks in Tunic, and what they do!

What Do Tuning Forks Do In Tunic?

What Do Tuning Forks Do In Tunic?

Despite appearing to be generally pointless, the Tunic tuning forks are crucial once you get a grappling hook. That happens quite far into the game, as we’ll detail later. However, once you’ve added the grappling hook to your inventory, you can use it to swing to designated grappling points, as well as tuning forks across the map.

Yes, you’ll often find tuning forks strewn on the edge of high places or dotted around otherwise inaccessible areas. In the early stages they’ll appear impossible to reach given how far away they are. The more you play the clearer it all becomes, because the grappling hook lets you attach to these tuning forks.

However, getting the grappling hook is no easy feat. You need to head to the Ruined Atoll, following the power line running by it, until you make your way to the Frog Domain. At that point you’ll head into a dungeon littered with enemies. Defeat them all and keep progressing through the levels, until you claim a magic orb at the end. It’s found soon after defeating some Custodians, and when collected it lets you use the grappling hook.

Once you have the grappling hook, you’ll definitely want to retrace your footsteps across the Tunic world, grappling to tuning forks you couldn’t reach previously. You’ll find new treasure, hidden paths, and plenty of untouched areas to explore.