Disney Dreamlight Valley Berry Salad Recipe | How to Make

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, meals are sometimes required to complete character quests. To help out Prince Eric, who’s been left starving after spending too much time with Ursula, you’ll need to make a Berry Salad. But what ingredients are required for the Berry Salad recipe?

How To Make Berry Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Berry Salad Recipe

To make the Berry Salad recipe, you’re going to need three different berries: A Raspberry, a Blueberry, and a Gooseberry. Before seeking out the berry bushes you need, consider choosing a foraging expert from your Disney or Pixar friends to hang out with, so you can find more berries and craft more food items!

Some of the Berry Salad ingredients are going to be easier to find than others, Raspberries being the easiest. Raspberry bushes can be found across both the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow, and are easily spotted. Look for the darker, forest-green bushes with deep, red berries on them. Once you’ve picked your Raspberries, you’re one down, two to go!

Blueberries come next in the recipe, and you’ll need to do some work to access them. You can find Blueberry bushes throughout Dazzle Beach or across the Forest of Valor.

Once you’ve completed the Friendship is Everything quest from Merlin, you’ll be able to spend your Dreamlight to clear the thorns to these areas. Unlocking the Forest of Valor will cost 3,000 Dreamlight and Dazzle Beach will cost 1,000 Dreamlight.

The final ingredient in the Berry Salad recipe is Gooseberries, and these can be found in either the Frosted Heights or the Forgotten Lands. The Forgotten Lands costs 15,000 Dreamlight to access, whereas the Frosted Heights costs 10,000 Dreamlight. After this, pick some Gooseberries, and you’re all set!

Now, head to a stove; remembering some Coal Ore to heat the oven, and combine the three berries. Now, you have an incredibly potent little Berry Salad, enough to fill Prince Eric’s stomach, or yours!

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