Grounded Assistant Manager | How To Beat

Grounded is a game littered with bosses to battle, and none are quite as tough as the Assistant Manager. This fearsome opponent may not be as punishing as the Broodmother boss fight, but taking down the boss is nonetheless difficult. Fear not, as we dig into where you can find the Assistant Manager in Grounded — as well as how to beat it.

How to Beat the Assistant Manager in Grounded

Grounded Assistant Manager

Firstly, you’ll find the Assistant Manager within the Black Anthill Lab. It’s an area you have to visit to get the keycard, which unlocks the Dark Descent Burgl Chip.  Once you’re within the lab, activate the console, and the Assistant Manager emerges.

The difficulty of the Assistant Manager boss fight mainly boils down to the lasers you have to avoid. These trigger once it reaches 66% health, and fires consistently, meaning you have to dodge them while attacking it. The speed of these lasers increases at 33% health too, so it gets progressively trickier.

Your best chance of beating the Assistant Manager involves managing strategy and constantly moving. Since it will fire a near-constant barrage of lasers, you don’t want to get caught standing still, or you’ll lose health. Keep strafing the lasers, and block the larger attacks you can’t duck under.

As such, it’s sensible to use a one-handed melee weapon and a shield together. This will let you block larger attacks from the Assistant Manager and the two TAYZ.Ts that spawn with it. The boss is most susceptible to smashing damage rather than slashing, so going for a bladed weapon isn’t advised.

Keep moving, equip a tough melee weapon and shield, and block any attacks you can’t dodge. From there, it’s a matter of whittling down the Assistant Manager, using plenty of health potions when needed, and remembering the changing power levels when it reaches lesser health. With that in mind, you’ll beat the Assistant Manager in no time!