Grounded Muscle Sprouts | How to Get

Grounded has brought a lot of interest and intrigue to the backyard. One option is to go hunting for Muscle Sprouts, which are used to make Beefy variants of smoothies. Just one problem, how do you get them?

How to Get Muscle Sprouts in Grounded

Muscle Sprouts

In Grounded, Muscle Sprouts can be found at the Pond Lab and the Black Anthill Lab. The best way to get them is at the Pond Lab, as you will find the Muscle Sprouts lying on the ground. They don’t require a special tool to be picked up unlike some items in the game.

At the Black Anthill Lab, you’re going to want to keep your eyes out for chests. If you find a chest in the lab, there’s a chance that a Muscle Sprout should be inside.

The Blackhill Ant Lab isn’t a super reliable method though, but if you find yourself at the lab you might as well look around for some! The Pond Lab will regenerate Muscle Sprouts over time, so frequent trips will net you a renewable supply of these interesting plants.

As for what they can be used for, Muscle Sprouts are used as a smoothie base. While they can be eaten to restore hunger, they will also cause pain to the person eating them. They will take away 20% of your health, while only giving 7.5% of hunger in return.

It’s not a good trade-off, but if you use them as a smoothie base, it will actually heal you more than the normal Grub Goop base. So as soon as you find some, be sure to use it to whip up your next smoothie. Yum!

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