Madden 23 | How to Call for Ball

If you’re playing Face of the Franchise in Madden 23, you’ll notice that even when you’re wide open as a receiver, you don’t always get the pass for an easy conversion. The same is true when you’re playing any type of match and want to switch from quarterback to receiver because you know you’ll better execute the route. That’s why, in both cases, knowing how to call for the ball is important, so your quarterback doesn’t pass up an easy down.

How to Call for Ball in Madden 23

How to Call for Ball in Madden 23

Here’s how to call for the ball using the player locked receiver controls in Madden 23 on all consoles:

  • PS4/PS5 – X
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – A
  • PC – E

It’s a simple control, but make sure to use it appropriately. Most of the time the quarterback will throw the ball to you, almost instantly after you call for it. So, you don’t want to call for the ball too early or too late as you’ll most likely be asking for a failed down, or an interception (Informally known as a pick six in football). You want to call for the ball as soon as you have some space between the defender or a window of opportunity to make the play.

If you’re playing a regular match against friends or even online, you’ll always be the ball carrier. Which always starts you as the quarterback and then moves you to whoever you pass or hand the ball to. However, if you believe you can better perform the route as a receiver, you can start the play as a receiver, let the AI run the QB, and then call for the ball when your opportunity presents itself. If you want to do that, you’ll need to know how to switch players.

Here’s how to switch players in Madden 23 on all consoles:

  • PS4/PS5 – O
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – B
  • PC – Mid-Mouse Button or F

The controls for switching players are consistent regardless of whether you’re on offense or defense. But now that you know how to do it, as well as how to call for the ball, you can utilize the two to make some clutch plays when you need to the most.

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