Madden 23 | How to Strip Ball

Fumbles are every team’s dream and every player’s worst nightmare in football. That is why, in Madden 23, it is critical to understand how to strip the ball from a player, causing a fumble. Because, as you may know, the more time you have possession of the ball, the more opportunities you have at scoring a touchdown. That’s why it’s better for the ball to be in your hands, than the opposition. And your best chance of doing so, aside from stopping all of their downs, is by stripping the ball, which we demonstrate in this guide.

How to Strip Ball in Madden 23

How to Strip Ball in Madden 23

To strip the ball in Madden 23 on all consoles follow the button prompts below:

  • PS4/PS5 – R1
  • Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S – RB
  • PC – Space

To effectively strip the ball, you must trigger the move before your player goes for the tackle. This will activate the player to try and strip the ball as well as actively tackle them. Always make sure you’re switching the defender closest to the ball carrier, then immediately as you do, trigger the strip ball control.

The majority of the time, stripping the ball depends on the ball carrier’s position and the direction of their weight. For example, it’s much easier to strip the ball from a punter than it will be a running back. With that, if the ball’s carrier weight is leaning in one direction and you come in on the adjacent side to try and strip the ball, there’s a much higher chance you’ll successfully do it.

This is because the ball carrier can’t anticipate the block. Plus, if you’re coming in to tackle the ball carrier from the opposite side of his weight and the direction he’s leaning, there’s a higher chance of knocking the player off balance, loosening his grip, and forcing a fumble.

Stripping the ball is a very situational move in Madden 23, but the more you practice it, the more you’ll understand the opportune times of when to use it.

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