Sea of Thieves Ashen Keys | How to Get

If you’ve stumbled across an Ashen Chest in Sea of Thieves, you might want to think twice before selling it. These are rare chests that contain one random Ashen Tome as well as a variety of other treasures. The loot inside is frequently more valuable than what you’d receive if you sold it to the Bilge Rats. That’s why it’s more rewarding to open the chest, but you’ll need Ashen Keys to do so. Thankfully, we can help. This guide will show you three different ways to acquire Ashen Keys.

How to Get Ashen Keys in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Ashen Keys in Sea of Thieves

The easiest way to get Ashen Keys in Sea of Thieves is to buy a voyage from the Bilge Rats black market. You can access their black market at any Outpost Tavern by speaking with Larinna, who will be standing outside any Outpost Tavern. She’ll open the black market and you’re looking for an Ashen Key Stash Voyage. It will cost you approximately 99 Doubloons. Now that you have the voyage, place it on your voyage table, and it will give you a red X indicating the location where you can dig up the key.

This is the easiest way to get your hands on Ashen Keys, but it is also the most expensive. The natural and less expensive way to obtain one of these keys is to kill the Ashen Key Master, Skeleton Captain. These Skeleton Captains can spawn on small islands as you pass by. They can also appear as the second boss wave at any currently active Skeleton Fort. After you’ve killed the Ashen Key Master, they’ll drop a treasure map with an X on it, which you’ll dig up to find an Ashen Key.

There is one other method to getting these keys, however, it’s the least effective and not one we recommend you rely on. You can get Ashen keys by fishing with no bait. However, it is extremely rare and likely more time-consuming than the first two methods. That is unless you’re fortunate enough to pull one right away.

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